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The Cycle Studio

… The Cycle Studio bike fitting service

Guru Bike Fitting
As cyclists ourselves, we know that a bike can represent many of life’s most important things: health, happiness, freedom, friends. We also understand that when a bike means that much, it’s got to be right. At The Cycle Studio, our state-of-the-art bike fitting services allow you to find a bike that can truly become an extension of you. We’re so committed to helping you find the perfect fit that we’ve invested in the smart technology needed to achieve a harmonious relationship between body and bike. That’s backed up by a team of highly qualified experts, who are there to guide you through the process of finding your perfect bike and help you get the most out of it.

Made to measure

With our incredible Guru Fit technology, your dream of the perfect, made-to-measure bike is easily within your grasp. In minutes, this clever system can pair you with a bike that will allow you to achieve what you want to achieve, whether that’s speed, endurance, a better posture or anything else. Our bike fitting expert Mat will be on hand to help, and you can be sure he knows his stuff: he’s GURU, F.I.S.T., Bikefit and Trek Fit Service trained and certified.
Bike fitting service

We’re all unique

At The Cycle Studio, we understand that every cyclist is different, and we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to finding the right bike. You wouldn’t buy a helmet that doesn’t fit properly; you’d get one that was the right size and shape for your head. We believe that the same principle should apply to your bike. Find the right fit, and your body is able to work in harmony with the bike, taking you further on your journey.


Guru Rider Scan Technology
Our state-of-the-art Guru Rider Scan Technology allows us to adapt and build you the perfect bike. As you ride our special Guru Fit bike, its clever computer tracks your movement and automatically works out the best bike for you depending on your interests and requirements. This sophisticated system works with a database of all the bikes in the world, taking the effort out of finding your perfect match.If you’re interested in racing, Guru Fit can find the bike that will allow you to achieve your full speed potential. If you’re suffering from back pain, it can find you a bike that corrects your posture. Whatever your reasons for purchasing a new bike, you can be confident that Guru Fit will match you with a bike worth investing in. Call now to enquire and book your bike fitting.