We are Moving (Temporarily Closed)

The shop will be closed for a few weeks while we get the new shop setup. We're expecting to reopen, in the new shop mid February.

We've been open for over 4 years now in the town centre shop but it's time for the next chapter.

since the stratford shop closed this summer we have been steadily working on getting the new shop ready to move into. Since we started work on the building we have made a lot of progress but it has not been easy setting up the new shop while keeping the existing shop running.

The time has come to pack up the contents of the current shop in the town centre ready for the move. Unfortunately we'll be closed for a short period while we finish the new shop and get it setup to open. We're expecting the new shop to be ready in mid February.

If you need anything in the meantime give us a call or send us a message and we'll try and help however we can. The phone number will remain the same for the new shop however we might not be available to answer the phone while we're busy getting the shop ready for opening.


Moving shops will cause major disruption to the workshop.

In the last week of normal operation we are finishing the remaining outstanding jobs ready for the move. Depending on how busy we are during the day we might be able to squeeze in small emergency fixes.

Call us before bringing your bike in.

We will not be taking bookings for any service work until the workshop is setup at the new shop. Getting the workshop back open is a priority for us but it will take a few weeks before we can start taking bookings.

Stratford Shop Closed

This summer we had to close the Stratford store.

Thank you to all our customers who have used the Stratford store over the years and we hope we can continue to help you in our Redditch Store.

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