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The #HMBRG V2 (UK) offers one of the smoothest rides available thanks to precision German engineering, pairing speeds of up to 18 mph (30 km/h) with a range of over 18 miles (30 km) from a single charge, owing to a generous battery. The result is an electric scooter that is every bit as convenient as it is practical for the urban commuter.

10“ air tyres make you feel like driving on clouds. The deck offers enough space for your feet, turning even long rides into pure comfort. With the index finger throttle and five speed levels, the velocity can be controlled continuously. The maximum speed is 28 km/h. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted according to the driver’s height.

The motor has a continuous output of 350 watt that guarantee a quick acceleration. The maximum range is 18 miles. For the battery (LI-ION, 36 V, 10.4 AH) we use quality cells. The charging time for 100 % is four hours and for 70 % only two hours.

Mechanical disk brakes (front and rear) are not only visually impressive, they also do an amazing job and decelerate the vehicle safely. The lighting system (certified according to the German regulation) has two benefits: One the one hand, the road ahead is properly lit and on the other hand, you are being seen by other road users.

  • 350w Motor (Rear Wheel Drive)

  • 30km/h Max Speed

  • 30km Range

  • 36V, 10.4 AH Battery

  • Front and rear disc brakes




The powerful 300 watt motor has an excellent acceleration and a maximum range of up to 25 km. The two 120 mm disc brakes (front and rear wheel) ensure well-dosed and absolutely safe braking behaviour. Unauthorized persons are stopped by the PIN request. 8.5 inch pneumatic wheels and two driving modes (max. 12 km/h and max. 25 km/h) take you wherever you want to go. Upon arrival, THE-URBAN xR1 folds in no time at all and can be easily transported due to its light weight of only 16 kg.

  • 300w motor (Rear Wheel Drive)

  • 25km/h Max Speed

  • 25km Range

  • 36V, 7.8AH Battery

  • Front and rear disc brakes

Begin One

Pro Electric Foldable Scooter


  • 250w Motor (Front wheel Drive)

  • 25km/h Max Speed

  • 30km Range

  • 36V, 6AH Battery

  • Rear Disc Brake